The Key to Optimal Systems Performance and Secure Wide-Scale Distribution

WebFOCUS securely manages and administers broad deployment of information to unlimited numbers of users within and outside the enterprise. It provides a complete environment for management and administration facilities, enabling organizations to build and deploy standard reports, provide ad hoc and online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities to specified users, monitor usage, assign user groups, define access rights, schedule distribution, provide event-driven alerts, and ensure security.

WebFOCUS' flexible security infrastructure allows users to securely access information using preexisting, single sign-on utlilities or WebFOCUS' own named users.


WebFOCUS Managed Reporting allows corporate and designated departmental administrators to manage users, providing rights to WebFOCUS facilities.


WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Monitor extends resource tracking and management by allowing you to analyze and visualize vital resource management metrics across multiple WebFOCUS instances.

Resource Analyzer

Resource Analyzer helps you monitor resource consumption so you can identify inefficiencies in your information architecture, eliminate bottlenecks and resource contentions, achieve peak performance, and maximize ROI.

  • Provide more than 80 detailed reports and graphs that give a clear picture of how your information assets are being used
  • Optimize long-running requests to speed up access and minimize resource consumption
  • Identify dormant data that can be eliminated to speed up response times
  • Identify heaviest resource consumption times by hour, day, week, or month, so you can plan accordingly
  • Limit query volumes by showing users how to request just the data required and by choosing optional delivery methods

Resource Governor

Resource Governor enhances control over your business intelligence environment by empowering you to easily and preemptively manage resource consumption and ensure exceptional performance and availability.

  • Sophisticated proven intelligent governing technology can predict required system resources before a request is executed and stop problem queries before they use up too many resources that result in long waits for consumers
  • Query cancellation is preemptive – it occurs before any data resources are unnecessarily or improperly used
  • Graphical wizards or unique business rules language make it easy to define what constitutes problem queries