Enterprise Search: WebFOCUS Magnify

Enterprise information should be easy to find.

With WebFOCUS Magnify, any structured or unstructured data, regardless of its source or location, is easy to index and search. Magnify allows users to leverage a familiar and intuitive Google-like interface to instantly access detailed records, unstructured documents, aggregate summaries, and more.

With a unique set of tools and technologies that facilitate enterprise search across multiple data sources and systems, WebFOCUS Magnify provides immediate access to any information, at any time, while minimizing resource requirements and maintenance costs. Key features include:

  • Unparalleled integration that reaches more sources and platforms and uses more communication methods than any other enterprise search platform on the market today
  • Enhanced data accuracy, quality, and completeness. Magnify automatically enriches records during indexing to boost their relevance and meaningfulness, associates metadata with documents and records to make information easier to retrieve, and dynamically captures data and processes updates as they occur
  • An innovative real-time transactional indexing method, which minimizes resource consumption and optimizes system performance by capturing records, transactions, and messages as they are sent
  • A simple, yet highly interactive interface, complete with dynamic categorization capabilities, that empowers users with the widest array of analytic features. Search results can be easily categorized, pivoted, output as graphical charts, exported into Excel and other popular formats, and distributed to other users
  • Full customization of the solution's front-end and results display to meet specific information needs and address corporate branding requirements
  • Advanced security mechanisms including single sign-on integration, support for multiple credentials, and an API that allows Magnify's security to work with any existing security model. Magnify will even hide entire or partial results based on each user's access privileges

Seamless Business Intelligence Integration

A user's inquiry does not end with search results. Those results will often lead to new questions, which, to be answered, require numbers analysis, aggregations, and value comparisons that can only be achieved through business intelligence. For example, a search for a bank account may lead the user to want to know more about its cash flow patterns, expenditures by time frame, and other transactions. Magnify allows a user to drill down directly from search results into the reporting system, so any natural language search can be instantly expanded to include numbers analysis. Search terms are fed to the WebFOCUS platform as parameters, which automatically trigger the generation of reports or guided ad hoc forms used to further refine report content.

Magnify gives users a simple, uniform, and interactive search experience, helping them to navigate, interpret, and analyze their results.

Simple, Consistent, and Interactive Searches