WebFOCUS Managed Reporting

Meeting the Information Delivery Needs of the Extended Enterprise

Do you want to:

  • Give executives and managers a personalized, high-level view of business information through portals?
  • Enable business users to customize reporting environments in order to gain better insight into operations?
  • Extend services to partners and customers to give them secure, self-service web access to the information they need, when they need it?
  • Enable business analysts to conduct complex analysis and integrate with OLAP, Microsoft tools, SAP BW structures, and more?
  • Enable even novice users to run structured ad hoc reports and quickly perform reporting queries?
  • Let power users and developers build robust applications and reporting templates quickly and easily using integrated developer tools?
  • Re-use reporting objects to facilitate applying filters, fields, and styling to ad hoc reports?
  • Allow partners and mobile workers to analyze data anytime, anyplace, regardless of whether connected to your network or not?
  • Vary the language of the user interface depending on the users native language?
Users work in an interface that is translated into the local language.

Users work in an interface that is translated into the local language.

Managed Reporting presents each user with a customized, secure view of the enterprise.

Managed Reporting presents each user with a customized, secure view of the enterprise.

Information Builders designed WebFOCUS Managed Reporting to meet these needs and more. It provides an integrated, scalable, true thin-client reporting environment for enterprise-wide business intelligence (BI) and information delivery activities. While shielding end users from data complexities and cryptic field names, it provides secure access to personalized and specialized information. Users can run reports, or leverage advanced analytical functionality such as ad hoc and OLAP analysis, with broad, dynamic access to nearly any data in any location.

Secure, Role-Based Information

WebFOCUS Managed Reporting is a role-based reporting environment supporting all levels of security down to the field level. Once users have identified themselves, WebFOCUS will automatically tailor the user interface, report content, and functional privileges based on their unique identities and skill levels.

The Managed Reporting user administrator identifies and authenticates users to the environment by setting up the appropriate user accounts, reporting domains, and user groups with the appropriate security to control what reports, data, and domains each user can access. The user administrator can later create and modify domains, and change user properties and associations. WebFOCUS also includes exits to allow the integration of site-specific security systems (e.g., LDAP and Active Directory).

Cross-Contextual Intuitive Analysis

Managed Reporting offers a cutting-edge cross-contextual analysis feature called Knowledge Mapping, which places a map over your data to reveal multiple paths to multiple domains. Once you enable knowledge mapping on a report through Managed Reporting, you can:

  • Automatically extend any report element to internal and external information sources, such as web and news searches and related company reports
  • Build reports whose drill downs possess their own form of intelligence – valuable information that gets "remembered" and can be passed to any other report or graph
  • Map into applications such as spreadsheets or web-based searches without forgetting the details of your last request
  • Extend and complement traditional analytical systems like OLAP and pre-set reports