Integration: A Critical Component of Business Intelligence

Because Everything Should Work Together

In order to enable true, enterprise-scale business intelligence, companies must be able to seamlessly bring together various systems, information, and processes from across and beyond the organization. WebFOCUS' unifying integration infrastructure accesses, reconciles, cleanses, and prepares data for business intelligence manipulation, analysis, and delivery.

Data Integration

Data adapters provide optimum performance by combining the power of the data source with the power of the WebFOCUS engine. With more than 300 data and application adapters, organizations can access data at every latency level from real-time, zero-latency transactions to staged data in the most summarized data mart. WebFOCUS also allows you to describe any data source through a single metadata layer that can be leveraged for ETL, reporting, and analysis.

No tool simplifies complex data environments better than WebFOCUS. To pursue a data integration strategy that will best fit your organization's needs and business processes, you should:

  • Create decentralized aggregate data marts throughout your organization
  • Take a hybrid approach to data, allowing drill-through from a central data warehouse to operational applications
  • Leverage real-time transactions to trickle feed your data warehouses and alert people of critical business issues when they occur

Through our iWay Software division, Information Builders offers a portfolio of adapters and comprehensive, pre-packaged suites that help companies to build a strong, yet open and flexible technology infrastructure in the fastest, most economical way – no cumbersome code writing and no costly integration projects. We deliver simple, seamless unification of your entire information environment – no matter how diverse or sophisticated – to maximize agility, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

iWay Software's suites provide a high-performance environment that is powerful enough to effectively meet current integration requirements, yet scalable enough to protect investments and ensure value as business needs change.

Our available suites include:

Business-to-Business (B2B), a cutting-edge solution that accelerates and enhances the planning, execution, and monitoring of cross-company transactions, as well as those that span external exchanges.

Business Process Automation (BPA), a single, fully integrated platform that streamlines and automates critical processes and workflows across a company.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM), to facilitate the unification, access, quality management, enrichment, and maintenance of any information, from anywhere within the enterprise – regardless of its source or format.