Excel and Microsoft Office

In many companies, the successful adoption of enterprise business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions is hindered by existing worker preferences for using office tools such as Microsoft Excel to analyze and review data. But this approach requires manual cut and paste processes, and in time, rogue spreadsheets containing outdated or inaccurate data from dubious sources are propagated throughout the organization. Executives find themselves making decisions based on unreliable information. And, the organization is unable to audit that data to ensure internal and/or regulatory compliance.

Information Builders offers robust push and pull strategies that make corporate data readily available for use in Excel spreadsheets. Our solutions fill the gaps that exist in Excel's enterprise business analysis capabilities, while allowing users to continue to operate in their preferred and familiar analysis environment.

Recognizing the importance of providing flexible choices in business analysis tools, Information Builders WebFOCUS offers industry-leading integration with not only Excel, but with other Microsoft Office products. These integration capabilities provide the following features and benefits:

  • The ability to save a complex WebFOCUS report in Excel format, while preserving report summations, calculations, formatting and drill-downs to detail data via hyperlinks active in the spreadsheet
  • Pagination of data across multiple tabbed spreadsheets within a workbook, making it easy to organize and navigate information
  • Simple, automatic generation of Excel PivotTables from WebFOCUS reports – an easier way to create PivotTables than using the native Microsoft interface
  • Automatic updating of data in server-based spreadsheets and applications, ensuring that users receive up to the minute data in approved, centrally located spreadsheets
  • The ability to automatically access WebFOCUS Reporting Servers and connected data sources from within Excel using WebFOCUS Quick-Data, our ad-hoc analysis add-in for Excel The ability to export reports and charts directly to PowerPoint and Word.
An Excel formatted report with exception highlighting, delivered with WebFOCUS.

An Excel formatted report with exception highlighting, delivered with WebFOCUS.