WebFOCUS InfoSearch

WebFOCUS InfoSearch enables users to execute search analytics and to discover business intelligence assets by searching a combination of content titles, metadata, and data elements.
It makes use of Natural Language Processing and a type-ahead search index. InfoSearch combines several existing WebFOCUS technologies to enable users to easily find related reports, charts and dashboards indexed from the BI archive. For example, searching for a combination of customer names will bring up every piece of content across the repository, and from multiple systems, corresponding to the search term and to the user’s security access. The user can then click on any related view to reveal the search rationale, and then choose run the procedure.
The ‘Ask Me Anything’ option shows predetermined questions based on the dimension data that has been indexed.   A Google One-Box style search field lets you locate and run content by voice commands, a  simple but powerful feature for ideal for mobile devices. Also, a Subject Search provides a complete search of the index plus a word cloud for deeper exploration of the entered terms. 
All in all, WebFOCUS InfoSearch enables organizations to continually maximize their BI and analytics content and investment, via user friendly smart search, sharing and reuse.