Visual Discovery

Tired of using complicated OLAP tools and waiting for IT to finish your data models?

WebFOCUS Visual Discovery, part of Information Builders’ business analytics suite, is an in-memory analytics solution with cutting-edge data visualization capabilities. Analysts can perform in-depth, intuitive analysis in real time without the need for a pre-built data model.

Visual OLAP features allow users to do more than just slice and dice data; they provide highly sophisticated graphical representations of multidimensional information to enhance insight and expedite analyses by enabling more rapid and accurate observations. Analysis can be conducted from any enterprise data source using a wide variety of advanced visualization components, including 3D bar and pie charts, histograms, data constellations, and multiscapes.

WebFOCUS Visual Discovery is ideal for in-depth analysis and provides:

  • Context-preserved drill-downs
  • Data-driven dynamic conditional styling and stop-lighting
  • The ability to save dashboards to PDF or compound WebFOCUS reports
  • The ability to create dashboards within PowerPoint