Location Analytics and ESRI Mapping

Analytics + GIS Data = Deeper Insights and Opportunity Spotting

Location analytics uses location to intersect varying sets of discrete data, making information easier to interpret, understand, and retain. Users are more likely to recognize patterns, dependencies, and anomalies, and make informed decisions when data is depicted in dashboards that integrate maps with the more standard charts, images, and graphics.
There is only one complete location analytics solution on the market. It leverages Information Builders’ WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform and Esri’s powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) environment. WebFOCUS provides a single platform for location analytics, data modeling and scoring, and predictive analytics. With WebFOCUS, there is no need to purchase and maintain multiple tools, and analysts and other statisticians are free from having to extract and query data.
WebFOCUS can merge several layers of data onto an underlying map, whether from a corporate data warehouse, a big data store, a spreadsheet, or a library of demographics. Delivery to the end user can be in the form of a pre-built custom app, such as the WebFOCUS InfoApp™ above, or within a self-service analytics tool such as WebFOCUS InfoAssist+. Predictive analytics models can also be incorporated into apps. For example, a law enforcement app can predict where crimes are most likely to take place, based on the analysis of several variables.


Combining geographic data and BI addresses a variety of real-world business challenges across industries. With immediate access to critical business data, all users are able to foresee business trends well in advance, giving them time to adjust budgets, tighten processes, and realign strategies.

With location analytics, it is possible to:

  • Display data geographically to analyze regional patterns, trends, and behavior
  • Develop targeted regional marketing campaigns
  • Better manage risk and plan for catastrophic events
  • Analyze and plan delivery and pick-up routes, including drive-time analysis
  • Determine prime locations for new stores
  • Track inventory and manage logistics
  • Perform historical, real-time, or predictive analysis on location-oriented data

Tighter WebFOCUS and Esri Integration

Information Builders has deepened its native integration with Esri, leveraging the latest Esri ArcGIS API. This enhanced interaction results in a simple configuration of layers and settings, rather than any coding requirement. This enables robust application development within App Studio, and easy self-service usage within InfoAssist+. Some of the benefits include mobile-friendly output; access to 7,000 demographics; bidirectional interaction with WebFOCUS components, such as charts and reports, automatic drill down; and the ability to layer data from a wide variety of data sources.

WebFOCUS and Esri provide a sophisticated and highly usable location analytics environment for both application development and self-service use. Location analytics is applicable across all industries, and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance efforts in:
  • Claims and risk management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Funding and grant management
  • Healthcare and syndromic reporting
  • Inventory management and procurement
  • Law enforcement and crime analysis
  • Retail
  • Sales and marketing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Manufacturing
WebFOCUS combines beautiful and intuitive maps with high-powered analytics and sophisticated reporting.

WebFOCUS combines beautiful and intuitive maps with high-powered analytics and sophisticated reporting.