Print-Ready Reporting

Many organizations publish annual reports, brochures, invoices and bills, financial portfolios, purchase orders, and other vital business documents. These companies are always looking to add value to these documents by enhancing the graphics, charts, and other visual representations of critical business information. The WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) platform makes that possible, enabling the rapid creation of boardroom-quality reports in a scalable vector graphic (SVG) output format.

WebFOCUS supports boardroom-quality graphics via pixel-perfect positioning and scalable vector graphics (SVG). Click on graphic to view the PDF.

Vector-based graphics are fundamentally different from image formats, such as GIF or JPG, because they are not pixel-based and therefore allow for perfectly smooth curves and angular image elements. WebFOCUS' SVG capabilities offer graphics of the highest quality for creating outward-facing materials, including annual reports, brochures, invoices, and billing statements. The result is clean, crisp illustrative charts and graphs for printing and distribution.

Only WebFOCUS offers both predefined, pixel-perfect report design and automated runtime report layout options, empowering users to create operational reports to their exact specifications. Users have the unique ability to accurately insert sections of a report, or even multiple reports, into a single HTML page. The WebFOCUS Developer Studio HTML Layout Painter provides a method for controlling the precise display of multiple charts, images, and watermarks for the generation of ready-to-publish documents.

Any business user with a web browser can create ready-to-publish content directly from WebFOCUS, without the need for a separate publishing product. The result is an online publish-ready document that is fully navigable. Intra – as well as beyond – document drill capability can also be included, so that the publish-ready document can serve as a mini-BI environment from directly within the Adobe viewer.

This is an example of how a single publish-ready Adobe PDF document generated by WebFOCUS can be used as a mini business intelligence environment by adding intra-document drilldowns. Click on the image to see intra-document drilldowns in action.

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Predefined, Pixel-Perfect Report Design

WebFOCUS offers predefined, pixel-perfect report design, which enables users to organize multiple elements on a single report.