The iWay Enterprise Information Management Suite

Increasingly complex business transactions have resulted in massive volumes of corporate data. When this data resides in disparate systems and documents, it becomes nearly impossible to leverage for competitive advantage. As a result, executives, managers, and employees make critical business decisions based on information that is incomplete, incorrect, or outdated.

In just two minutes, learn how the iWay EIM Suite provides better customer experiences, cleaner data, and comprehensive real-time information management.

The iWay EIM suite, powered by iWay Software, an Information Builders product brand, extends the power of business intelligence – enabling you to not only access and analyze your corporate data, but to improve the way it is handled as it flows across your business, so you can ensure optimum quality, consistency, and completeness.

It facilitates real-time access, analysis, and management of any information from anywhere across your entire enterprise. Regardless of where your data resides, whether it's in structured or unstructured format, the iWay EIM suite can seamlessly integrate, enrich, and transform it into relevant, timely insight for improved strategic planning and decision-making.

Built on a single, fully integrated foundation, the iWay EIM suite delivers: