Information Delivery

Using e-mail to deliver and distribute information in reports and dashboards is arguably one of today's most critical business tasks.

WebFOCUS ReportCaster ensures secure, automatic dissemination of critical information to the right person in the right context. A cutting-edge report delivery engine and state-of-the-art business event monitoring provides companies with a single point of control for real-time alerts, as well as a mechanism for fully automating, scheduling, storing, and instantly distributing information – WebFOCUS reports and dashboards or third-party content – to anyone within or outside the organization.

WebFOCUS ReportCaster’s industry leading characteristics and features make it the benchmark for information delivery:


Whether distributing month-end financials to key business executives, or collating and distributing hundreds of thousands of brokerage statements, utility bills, or wireless phone invoices, WebFOCUS ReportCaster is up to the task.


WebFOCUS ReportCaster can automatically burst a single report and into sections, each to be sent to a different recipient – perfect for quickly and efficiently distributing HR information such as 401k status, vacation, and payroll information.


Reports and dashboards can be distributed in any format, including HTML, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flex, and Active Technology reports, our "thin" interactive format. Information can be distributed as attachments or as an embedded link to a central location to reduce network traffic.


Distributed information can be encrypted, compressed, and password-protected to ensure rapid, efficient, and secure delivery.

Ease of Development

Scheduling and subscription can be included as a key component of any WebFOCUS application using Developer Studio, InfoAssist, or the WebFOCUS ReportCaster API.

Automated Report Distribution

With WebFOCUS, reports can be automatically sent to web browsers, e-mail addresses, portals, printers, or mobile devices. T