Extend the Benefits of WebFOCUS With Transaction-Based Processing

Create and run transactional Web-based applications on your WebFOCUS server with WebFOCUS Maintain. With an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and seamless integration with JavaScript, VB Script, and HTML code, Maintain users can achieve pixel-perfect positioning of objects on forms, including list boxes, combo boxes, HTML tables, buttons, and radio groups.

WebFOCUS Maintain, an integral part of WebFOCUS Mobile Products, also provides full support for mobile transaction services, allowing organizations to rapidly and efficiently build and deploy transactional systems and applications for any type of mobile device, including smartphones and tablet PCs.

By exploiting load balancing and supporting “n-tier” processing, developers can partition application logic over one or more platforms so data can be processed where it resides, requests can run faster, and network traffic is dramatically reduced – important considerations when building applications that need to scale up for a large number of end users or very large data repositories.

Further solidifying Maintain’s unparalleled scalability, organizations are able to reuse application resources and employee efforts across the enterprise. WebFOCUS Maintain features modular code, which allows for team development, cross-enterprise deployment, and reusable procedures.

Key Feature Summary

WebFOCUS Maintain provides:

  • The ability to easily retrieve, display, and manipulate large sets of data from up to 15 separate databases, including dissimilar databases – such as FOCUS, SQL, DB2, and Oracle – located on different servers throughout the enterprise
  • Integration of existing table and graph procedures for both database retrieval and display
  • Unicode and NLS support
  • Capabilities to update information stored in databases through closed-loop business intelligence
  • An object-oriented 4GL for structured, object-oriented, and hybrid programming
  • A shared application server for:
    • Persistent data and communications
    • User connection pooling
    • Workload balancing
  • An Excel write-back feature, which allows Excel users, such as those working with budgeting applications, to share data enterprise-wide and update a central database via spreadsheets
  • CICS and IMS connectors, for access to legacy transactional data
  • Connection and context/state management, for operational efficiency
  • Resource governing to prevent runaway queries
  • Mobile solutions that allow developers to build and deploy applications for offline data collection through iPhone, Palm, Blackberry, and other handheld devices
  • The ability to easily create light update solutions to enhance business intelligence applications with update capabilities

WebFOCUS Maintain Benefits

WebFOCUS Maintain offers a truly cross-platform, write-once, run-anywhere solution for developing and deploying applications quickly and efficiently. Benefits include:

  • Effortlessly switch database engines – with iWay adapters
  • Development efficiencies – easy-to-use English-like syntax
  • Unparalleled data access – provides read/write capabilities via native interfaces to over 300 data types
  • Web persistence – supports standard browsers and comes complete with a persistence engine; non-persistent or stateless models are also fully supported
  • Support for e-commerce – initiatives are supported through interfaces with VeriFone (vPOS) and CyberSource (CommerceFlex)
  • Leveraged resources – provides reusable components that are easy to incorporate
  • Support for global enterprises – with Unicode and NLS support
  • Integrated development environment – provides reporting and update solutions

Major Enhancement from WebFOCUS version 8.201

From release 8.201 the Maintain development environment is no longer a separate tool.  It has been integrated into the Html Composer under App Studio.  You can now create Maintain procedures side by side with your reports and graphs.  Maintain can take advantage of additional App Studio objects such as the slider and the double list box.  Maintain files will reside in the WebFOCUS repository, and will no longer need to be stored in projects.