WebFOCUS Narrative Charts

Natural Language Increases Value and Accessibility to Analytics

Now there is an additional analytics option that leverages natural language, in the form of WebFOCUS Narrative Charts. Information Builders has partnered with industry-leading Natural Language Generation (NLG) provider Yseop and has integrated Yseop Savvy into WebFOCUS. Savvy automatically translates charts into narrative, explaining in everyday English what is happening in the data.

For example, here is a simple example of a chart showing the DOW gain/loss percentage over the last 115 years, and the automatically generated narrative above the chart with insights.

WebFOCUS Narrative Charts analyze data sourced from a wide variety of sources, and by passing the data through algorithms and configurable settings, this results in automatically generated professionally written narratives for targeted audiences.

This provides a NLG analytics delivery option to a wide variety of WebFOCUS stakeholders via several deployment options, including self-service InfoAssist+, In-Document Analytics, and InfoApps.

Here is an example of a chart created inside InfoAssist+ with narrative below the chart of Rio Olympics medal data.

The Narrative Chart technology is highly configurable, enabling companies to set the appropriate level of analysis and detail based upon individual user personas and data requirements. For example, experienced self-service BI users can create their own WebFOCUS charts and determine the corresponding narrative accompaniment, while less technical knowledge workers can have this functionality defined for them and presented via an intuitive InfoApp.

This enables companies to easily meet the information delivery needs of the entire enterprise and encourage self-service BI usage throughout the organization. Information Builders anticipates adoption of Narrative Charts via:

  • Self-Service BI: Narrative Charts are now available with InfoAssist+, Information Builders’ tool for self-service BI users who build their own visualizations and charts in order to obtain a deeper level of insight and easily discern the most actionable elements of their data
  • InfoApps™: Narrative Charts extend the benefits of these highly interactive analytical apps for non-technical groups, enabling users to automatically understand the meaning of their information
  • e-Statements: Embedding Narrative Charts capabilities into Information Builders’ patented In-Document Analytics-based interactive, personalized e-statements gives financial services firms a competitive advantage and helps improve their customer service

The combination of WebFOCUS and Yseop’s NLG software interprets data and automatically expresses conclusions in natural language, providing contextual explanations to augment visualizations. By embedding these capabilities into its core WebFOCUS technology, Information Builders is providing its customers with an additional powerful tool for accelerating and expanding the value of BI and analytics initiatives.