iWay Enterprise Index (Powered by Google and Lucene)

Capture, Index, Search – Anything

Information Faster Than Ever

iWay Software has brought together iWay's industry-leading application integration technology and the latest industry search engines (Google Search Appliance and Lucene) to create a completely new way to tap information within the integrated enterprise.

Enterprise data flows throughout an enterprise in hundreds of different ways. Organizations communicate with external entities using EDI messages, XML documents, and flat files; developers use the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) to work with ERP systems; and most organizations are beginning to use web services to communicate internally or externally to achieve a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Until now, there was no way to make all of this data available to end users in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain way. The iWay Enterprise Index, however, taps into these streams of information, transforms them into more usable and uniform XML-based formats, and prepares them for searching by end users.

The result is rapid, at-your-fingertips easy retrieval of information that previously would have been locked up in proprietary information systems.

Key Features

  • Search more systems. With the iWay Service Manager, all content from any application in the enterprise can be indexed for later searching. No other vendor comes close to supporting the 300 adapters that iWay Software provides.
  • Search every character of content. By indexing all the words in every field, the iWay Enterprise Index makes all content, anywhere in the enterprise, searchable. Free-form text fields inside an EDI document? Searches will turn up information from them. Free-form text reports embedded in web services? Before, administrators would have had to go through special processing to get Google to index them, but with iWay Enterprise Index it's trivial.
  • Search without knowing the query characteristics of a specific system. Users generally have to know which systems contain the content they're interested in, and they have to follow an exact sequence of steps to get the information out. The iWay Enterprise Index eliminates some of that hassle: instead of having to go to, e.g., a specific mainframe screen, type some specific criteria (name, SSN, product ID, customer ID, whatever) into specific places, and run a very specific query, they can enter a few key words into a search page and start to see the information they need and where to get more information – regardless of its origin, form, or structure.
  • Search with security. Even when opening up data for more and better use, it's important to protect it from unauthorized use. iWay Enterprise Index provides an additional layer of security that prevents unauthorized people from seeing results that contain information they're not allowed to receive. For example, if a search term returns 15 items, but the user is only allowed to see 10, she will only see 10 on the screen.

WebFOCUS Magnify: The First Real-Time Enterprise Search

Use Magnify to find your enterprise data, execute custom reports, or even perform dynamic
BI reporting off of search results.

iWay Software’s Enterprise Index technology is coupled with Information Builder's WebFOCUS BI technology to create the world's first real-time enterprise search solution for structured and unstructured content: WebFOCUS Magnify. Use Magnify to find your enterprise data, execute custom reports, or even perform dynamic BI reporting off of search results. Find out more about WebFOCUS Magnify.

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