iWay Parallel Service Manager

Powerful MapReduce-Style Processing for Large Computing Tasks

MapReduce-Style Processing

To help customers more efficiently execute and complete large computing tasks, the iWay Parallel Service Manager provides MapReduce-style processing capabilities. MapReduce, a software framework created and patented by Google, significantly accelerates processing by distributing sophisticated computations and other complex projects across multiple technology assets.

iWay Parallel Service Manager enables computing functions to be performed in parallel, rather than one after the other, allowing organizations to:
• Increase speed and productivity
• Complete massive or highly complex tasks faster than ever before
• Enable more efficient use of technology and hardware resources

Parallel Control Agents enable MapReduce-style processing by creating and managing a process flow based on a list of tasks or items from an input document. The process flow is then executed for each item in parallel, with the results compiled into a single final document, also in parallel. Or, it can be executed in parallel across multiple nodes within a cluster. Embedded Data Quality rules can also be executed in parallel.

Unlike other MapReduce-type solutions, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming to use, iWay Parallel Service Manager is ideal for companies looking to quickly execute massive federated queries, or efficiently perform complex computations using multiple resources simultaneously.

iWay Parallel Service Manager:
• Eliminates the need to write custom Java™ code in order to divide large queries up across multiple systems, and collect and aggregate the results
• Provides a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to set up and execute parallel processing jobs
• Offers a suite of pre-packaged integration components that provide native access to more than 300 back-end systems. It can easily access data in, or send commands to, any source or target database
• Seamlessly integrates with the Hadoop Distributed File System to maximize scalability and boost the speed and efficiency of archived record processing

MapReduce capabilities have also been implemented around the iWay execution framework, and optimized for enterprise information integration (EII); extract, transform, and load (ETL); managed file transfer (MFT); and other specific iWay uses, such as SOA service federation.