Omni-Patient™: Information Management for Healthcare Providers

Omni-Patient is an information management solution that gives providers a 360-degree view of patients, providers, payers, workforce, facilities and other critical healthcare domains. This single application simplifies complex data integration, promotes data quality, and facilitates ongoing data governance to ensure sustainability. Providers can then analyze diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes across the entire healthcare continuum.

Enable Transformation to Value-based Business Models

A unified view of the patient journey across the entire patient care continuum, across all facilities and physicians, enables proactive care planning and coordination. This helps doctors and administrators facilitate the most beneficial outcomes, while keeping cost containment in mind.

Omni-Patient gives providers a 360-degree view of patient, provider, facility, and other critical healthcare domains.

Enhance Care Management and Operational Efficiency

Omni-Patient facilitates the generation of clinical analytics for patient safety and quality of care, and creates measures for business volumes and outcomes. Then providers can more efficiently manage labor, supplies, and other resources.

Improve Clinical and Business Integration

Omni-Patient helps healthcare providers integrate data across a wide range of systems, including electronic medical record (EMR) applications, human resources and financial solutions, and external data. It provides a data repository with mastered subjects, transactional subjects and a healthcare data warehouse.

Track Data Usage

Omni-Patient facilitates broad-reaching data governance, provides historical snapshots and traceability, and helps distribute information effectively to meet proprietary departmental requirements.

Find Out More

Whether installed on-premises or in the cloud, providers can can use Omni-Patient to achieve a timely, trusted view of patient information across the continuum of care to support strategic business initiatives. To schedule a demo of Omni-Patient or to find out more, get the fact sheet or contact us using this form or at 800-969-INFO.