Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition

Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition is a comprehensive, unified platform that ensures consistency, uniformity, and accuracy across all critical data assets. This powerful, scalable, multi-domain master data management (MDM) environment promotes effective data governance by rapidly creating and efficiently maintaining a 360–degree view of core entities. Master Data Management Edition is part of our Omni-Gen Platform and includes everything in the Data Quality Edition, adding technology, such as automated match/merge, for data mastering.

Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition is a unified platform for integrating, cleansing, and mastering information.

Easily Identify Record-Data Origination and Audit

Develop golden records for key business entities by creating a single, accurate, web-accessible reference point for all common data elements – such as customers, products, or employees. Master Data Management Edition eliminates data integrity and data exchange challenges. Organizations can ensure that the critical business decisions they make are based on information that is always current, complete, and correct.

Optimize Information Integrity Throughout Its Lifecycle

Master Data Management Edition goes beyond MDM, with embedded components for data profiling, quality management, and data governance and remediation. The Omni Governance Console allows data stewards, data supervisors, and system administrators to link, unlink, and delete instance records that are associated with a particular golden record group.

Enhance Information From Any Source

Master Data Management Edition provides seamless integration and the ability to interact with existing systems and data structures, to enable the rapid consolidation of millions of records according to easily defined business rules. Unified and validated master data is instantly available to a wide range of enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), self-service portals, analytical tools, data warehouses, and other internal systems.

Omni Information Management Platform (MDM)

The Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition includes the Integration Edition and the Data Quality Edition.


Improve ROI

The ability for business users to define golden records, and for implementers to generate large parts of the MDM process, enables a rapid, iterative approach to MDM that significantly reduces project timelines – cutting 18-month project plans to six or fewer – and dramatically increases ROI.

Find Out More

Whether installed on premises or in the cloud, Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition can enhance productivity and operational performance by improving information accuracy and data exchange within and beyond your company. To schedule a demo of the Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition or to find out more, get the fact sheet or contact us using this form or at 800-969-INFO.