iWay Managed File Transfer (MFT)

iWay Software's Managed File Transfer (MFT) provides a simple, secure method for transferring files within and outside your corporate firewall.

The objective of a managed file transfer platform is to coordinate and manage the movement of information, data, or transactions from a source system to a destination system (sometimes called cross-site process integration). There are two basic sets of technologies for accomplishing this: one that is well managed via core integration technologies, and another for handling the movement of messages or files between sites and/or enterprises.

A wide variety of transport protocols and technologies have been developed or adapted to fit this need. The most common protocol in this domain is probably the legacy IP-based file transfer protocol (FTP) developed decades ago. Additionally a whole range of protocols has been developed either on top of (AS1, AS2, and AS3) or as a replacement for these protocols (Connect:Direct).

In addition to supporting a wide range of standard and proprietary protocols, our integration environment adapts to existing protocols from their original intent (file transfer) to include advanced functions required for secure, managed transport of messages for cross domain integration. We have expanded the capabilities of our integration server to support the particular characteristics of multi-enterprise integration and managed file transfer.

iWay Software continues to develop its capabilities for multi-enterprise integration and managed file transfers, along with additional protocols and adapters to address common technology challenges. We also continue to enhance our portfolio of adapters to include support for the most common file transfer protocols. Recent additions include the following:

  • FTP – inbound (acting as a server or polling client) and outbound; supporting both passive and active data channels for optimal firewall traversal
  • FTPS (secure over SSL) – inbound and outbound
  • SFTP – inbound and outbound SSH-based file transfer protocol

Additionally, new security, performance, and integration facilities have been added:

  • AS2 adapter
  • HTTP adapter

Finally, new iWay adapters have been built for:

  • Sterling Commerce – Connect:Direct
  • TumbleWeed – SecureTransport

Adding these native protocols to the integration server enables iWay to more efficiently manage and control file transfer events and services within and between organizations. iWay includes enterprise-scale facilities for security, auditing, monitoring, and deployment. In contrast to simple file-transfer solutions, iWay minimizes infrastructure requirements and provides tremendous visibility into the file transfer process.