iWay Trading Partner Manager

Rapid, Easy-to-Maintain Partner Agreements

B2B channels are arteries through which all business flows. A typical company with a few dozen suppliers, consumers, and business partners might use hundreds of transaction types, with each transaction including four to eight messages – a daunting constellation of interactions to manage effectively.

To manage the information and infrastructure of trading partners, iWay Software has introduced iWay Trading Partner Manager, a business-to-business (B2B) integration tool that simplifies the creation of trading partner agreements, as part of the iWay SOA Suite. It can also simplify the management of complex environments within an organization. Most importantly, it leverages the existing functionality of iWay Service Manager so that B2B interactions become a natural extension of an organization's SOA efforts.

When setting up a mechanism for interacting with a business partner, a user must answer a variety of questions:

  • What protocols do we use to communicate with this partner (e.g., AS2, FTP)?
  • What document formats (e.g., XML, CSV, EDI)?
  • What document types (e.g., EDI 850, RosettaNet PIPs)?
  • What process do we execute while sending or receiving (e.g., priority handling, different types or levels of information, etc.)?
  • How do these processes relate to existing services?

For example, a user may call a service hosted by supplier A using FTP, comma-separated values (CSV) files, and basic userid/password security, while calling supplier B's service may require AS2, XML formats, and digital certificates; but service calls may use the same processes up until the point at which they call the service.

Conversely, a user may use the same AS2 protocol, XML messages, and digital certificates to communicate with two different suppliers, but handle each differently, for example, if one partner has contracted a higher service-level agreement (SLA) than the other.

With one or two business partners, this may not become critical. But as organizations add more partners, they need better control over how they interact with them.

iWay Trading Partner Manager Components

iWay Trading Partner Manager augments iWay Service Manager with a design-time GUI and additional run-time capabilities that enable organizations to more easily manage complex environments with many message types, services, communication protocols, security requirements, and more.

  • Audit Manager. The audit manager is called automatically at points during the message lifecycle. It can be configured to record any stage of message processing. It can be accessed from the web console for transaction review. The audit manager is designed to be extended or replaced depending on business requirements.
  • Correlation Manager. The correlation manager identifies the state of a message (send, technical acknowledgement, satisfaction), what acknowledgments are expected for each message, and whether they have been executed. This can also be used to monitor service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Trading Partner Information and Trading Partner Profile facilities. These facilities provide access to variables about each trading partner, correlation information, and other important B2B information. This includes transformations and process flows used for each partner, access keys (e.g., ISA06), error handler contacts, DUNS numbers, and more.

Highly Extensible

iWay Trading Partner Manager provides unique extensibility options, ensuring that user exits will work as smoothly as the native capabilities of the product. Conditional execution of exits provides total control over every aspect of the system from within the web console.