iWay Adapter Suite

iWay's Universal Adapter Suite contains a wide range of off-the-shelf adapters to provide easy access to any information system. Customers who have implemented the Suite within their environment know that it is easy to access and repurpose almost any form of data, any application, any B2B format, and any service.

The iWay Universal Adapter Suite provides the world's most comprehensive adapter technologies for creating and deploying web services and other APIs from any of various classes of adapters, including application system adapters, data adapters, B2B adapters, transaction processing adapters, terminal emulation adapters, and technology adapters.

This is a partial list of the native data, application, and technology adapters provided by iWay Software. If you don't see what you need, please contact us – we are constantly adding new adapters to this list.



To find out more about the iWay Universal Adapter Suite, click here to send us a message, or contact us directly at 800-969-INFO.