B2B Integration and Trading Partner Management

Information Builders provides a robust B2B gateway that enables rapid, effective management of trading partner and related activities. This product dramatically improves the way partner transactions, as well as those performed over external exchanges, are planned, executed, and tracked.

Collaborate and share information in real time.

Enhances Control Over Partner Interactions

Organizations can better manage their partner networks and maintain greater control over how they interact with them. They can more easily manage complex environments with many message types, services, communication protocols, security requirements, and more.

Enables Dynamic Audit Management

Trading Partner Manager includes a design-time GUI and additional run-time capabilities that enable audit management. The audit manager is called automatically at points during the message lifecycle. It can be configured to record any stage of message processing, and readily accessed from the web console for transaction review.

Monitors Messages and SLAs

A built-in correlation manager identifies the state of a message (send, technical acknowledgement, satisfaction), what acknowledgments are expected for each message, and whether they have been executed. This can also be used to monitor service-level agreements (SLAs).

Provides Trading Partner Information and Profiles

With Trading Partner Manager, variables about each trading partner, correlation information, and other important B2B information are instantly available. This includes transformations and process flows used for each partner, access keys (e.g., ISA06), error handler contacts, DUNS numbers, and more.

Promotes Extensibility

Trading Partner Manager provides unique extensibility options, ensuring that user exits will work as smoothly as the native capabilities of the product. Conditional execution of exits provides total control over every aspect of the system from within the web console.

Find Out More

Learn how Trading Partner Manager can help you set up and manage trading partner relationships, and monitor all aspects of B2B activity. To schedule a demo of Trading Partner Manager or to find out more, get the fact sheet or contact us using this form or at 800-969-INFO.