iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2

More and more companies are choosing solutions delivered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, as a means of more conveniently and economically leveraging the benefits of the latest and greatest technologies.

iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2 empowers companies of all sizes with simplified, more affordable access to all the innovative solutions they need to support a variety of critical integration initiatives. They can realize all the benefits of our powerful, cutting-edge integration technologies – without the high licensing fees, expensive hardware and software, and extensive ongoing administration typically associated with on-site solutions.

iWay's SaaS-based solutions will be pre-installed and pre-configured as Amazon Images (AMIs) and fully hosted by Amazon, where they can then be made immediately available to subscribers. Clients simply select the desired operating system (Windows or Linux), choose the tools and components they wish to use, and indicate their virtual hardware preferences such as CPU, memory configuration, and storage sizes.

  • A flexible and scalable deployment model that can be expanded instantly, at any time
  • Full customizability to address unique integration requirements
  • Convenient, anytime, anywhere web-based access to integration tools
  • A highly secure environment leveraging the iWay RVI Secure Proxy Service - using the secure AS2 protocol - preserves data integrity and security between internal applications and systems, and Amazon EC2 instances of iWay solutions
  • A budget friendly fee structure based solely on system usage
  • Powerful enterprise reporting capabilities through the WebFOCUS business intelligence platform

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