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Want to try a simple and visual user interface to move data in and around Hadoop without any coding or scripting? We have the perfect tool: iWay Big Data Integrator (iBDI). We're now offering a special 6-month limited edition just for developers who are looking to test the features of Hadoop and Spark. Download iBDI today and see how your organization can be more productive with native Hadoop Data Management. 

What it offers:

  • An easy-to-use interface that performs data integration in Hadoop, including data ingestion, and transformation
  • A less complex method of data ingestion, replacement, and de-duplication using pipelines or native Spark, Flume support, and other techniques - all without programming
  • Native Hadoop performance and resource negotiation by running under YARN
  • Able to consume structured, defined, and streaming sources in bath and real-time via Spark and Hadoop
  • Has Spark data operations to shape data and Hive and HQL transformations to modify or join tables
  • Data provenance shows where the data came from, what operations are performed and where the data went

(iWay Big Data Integrator requires the following Hadoop ecosystem tools to be installed and configured to communicate with the Hadoop cluster: Sqoop Version 1.4.6, Flume Version 1.6.0, Spark Version 1.6.0, and Kafka Version 2.10 - 8.2.1)

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