iWay Information Asset Management Platform

How can organizations optimize performance by exploiting the full potential of their information assets?

The answer: Powerful data and application integration technologies, combined with innovative data quality and master data management capabilities, can ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of critical data.

iWay Information Asset Management Platform

The iWay Information Asset Management Platform enables rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders. Designed to satisfy enterprise-scale, as well as project-oriented and departmental-level requirements, the iWay platform delivers comprehensive capabilities that allow organizations to:

  • Overcome data silos and obtain direct access to information from any source with more than 300 pre-packaged integration components
  • Optimize business processes and enhance real-time decision making by drawing on existing application and infrastructure investments to support operational and analytical needs
  • Build a real-time data quality firewall equipped with reporting and monitoring capabilities

The iWay Information Asset Management Platform is composed of three robust suites:

  • iWay Integration Suite

    The iWay Integration Suite delivers powerful integration capabilities that enhance information unification and accessibility.

  • iWay Data Quality Suite

    The iWay Data Quality Suite is a unified toolset for profiling, cleansing, and enriching information. With the Data Quality Suite, consistency, accuracy, and completeness is dramatically improved, so organizations can increase their information capital to yield higher shareholder value.

  • iWay Master Data Suite

    Enabling master data management across multiple domains and comprehensive views of core business entities, the iWay Master Data Suite ensures enterprises realize the full potential of their information assets.

End-to-End Data Management

Built on powerful, market-leading technologies, the three suites that comprise the iWay Information Asset Management Platform provide all the tools and capabilities today's organizations need to enable comprehensive, broad-reaching management of their most vital data assets.