Application Integration With iWay Service Manager

A Foundation for Enterprise Integration

iWay Service Manager enables organizations to create, compose, and manage services and microservices. It interoperates with proprietary technologies as well as industry standards. By helping organizations reuse existing application and infrastructure investments to create powerful web services, iWay Service Manager lays the foundation for real-time integration, web-oriented architecture, and event-driven architecture.

iWay Sentinel is a web-based interface for the management and monitoring of the iWay Service Manager instances installed across an enterprise. iWay Integration Tools are the design time interfaces that work with iWay Service Manager, helping configure adapters, design services, translate data, and significantly accelerate processing.

iWay Service Manager serves as the foundation for comprehensive business process automation initiatives.


Drastically Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Integration

For a fraction of the cost of traditional integration tools, iWay Service Manager providers greater interoperability and superior ease of use. It can be deployed in a highly distributed fashion, enabling service-oriented and event-driven integration in a cost-effective way. Benefit from iWay Service Manager's ability to create powerful, reusable services from disparate technologies – without writing custom integration code.

Enables End-to-End Business Activity Monitoring

iWay Service Manager includes end-to-end Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) of all key business activities that pass through it, providing complete, unhindered visibility. As a result, users can immediately identify and correct bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

Enhances Data Quality and Master Data Management

As part of Omni-Gen™, iWay Service Manager allows data to be profiled and analyzed, automatically cleansed based on pre-defined business rules, enriched with information from third-party sources, and merged and matched across multiple data sets.

Supports An Incremental Integration Approach

iWay Service Manager provides the ability to meet short-term goals quickly – but unlike other, less sophisticated tools, it can incrementally deliver enterprise-caliber infrastructure to manage real-world integration and application development requirements.

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