WebFOCUS Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform

The WebFOCUS Business Intelligence and Analytics platform empowers everyone in your organization to make smarter, more confident decisions. WebFOCUS extends to your customers and partners, too, giving them easy access to analytic apps and tools from any browser or mobile device.

With WebFOCUS, the power of information is not reserved for just a few. WebFOCUS provides:

  • Greater business insight from easy to use analytical apps
  • Smarter, consistent, and more accurate decision-making across the board
  • A proactive business culture driven by performance and awareness
  • Improved customer experience through online and mobile channels
  • Delivery of richer, right-time information, analytics, data visualizations, and performance metrics to everyone

For faster time to market with no heavy, upfront IT costs and resources required, WebFOCUS can also be deployed in the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. You can also use Skybox, a new cloud hosting service that allows companies to test and develop applications for BI projects without spending time and resources creating an application test and development infrastructure.

Business Intelligence

Complex reporting and analytics is our sweet spot. From financial and HR reporting to compliance reporting, InfoApps, and dashboards, our business intelligence solutions make vital information valuable to everyone, at every level of the enterprise, on any device. And with the growing importance of digital channels, our customer-facing BI solutions help you to improve loyalty with customers and partners.

Business Analytics

Innovative business analytics, including predictive analytics, data visualization, social media analytics, location intelligence, and BI search apps, allow even non-technical users to manipulate data in an almost unlimited number of ways for insights that impact growth and performance.

Performance Management

Our out-of-the-box performance management solution empowers organizations to monitor, track, and drive performance by communicating goals, measuring execution, and assessing enterprise risk against performance strategies and objectives.

WebFOCUS Mobile Dashboards

Whether your users are in or out of the office, WebFOCUS delivers the information they need to make better decisions.