FOCUS for Mainframe

Proven Reporting That Keeps Evolving

Year after year, FOCUS for Mainframe continues to be the world's leading mainframe 4GL for reporting, database access, and decision support. It's the most accurate and dependable mainframe report writer available.

Unmatched Data Access

High-performance native data adapters allow FOCUS for Mainframe to access and integrate data from the leading databases, including mainframe stalwarts DB2, IMS, CA-Datacom, CA-IDMS, and Adabas, as well as Oracle. With the simple addition of an iWay server, FOCUS for Mainframe can access and integrate data from a total of 85 data sources on every commercial platform.

FOCUS Version 7.3

Version 7.3 carries on the evolutionary tradition of FOCUS. Valuable reporting enhancements and expanded limits include:

  • New XFOCUS database with 16-kilobyte pages accommodates physical files of up to 16 gigabytes; partitioning file contents in up to 250 partitions makes it possible to store up to four terabytes in one logical database
  • Multidimensional indexing creates virtual index cubes of field value intersections; the cubes represent "measures of interest," with pointers to records of interest and the underlying data; this retrieval-only technique expedites analysts' requests for details about multiple categories of data
  • HOLD FORMAT EXL2K creates styled spreadsheets for use in Excel 2000, with optional associated Excel formulas and PivotTables – now also supported in FOCUS 7.2
  • New paging features include simple cover pages at control breaks and page numbering within sections (page n of nn)
  • Summary totals now included when prefix operators are used in requests (MIN, MAX, AVE, etc.)
  • Support for long file, segment, field, and index names
  • Compound PDF or PS files facilitate shipping multiple reports via e-mail
  • One-time parsing of Master files
  • Compiled DEFINE statements

The 7.3 release of FOCUS for Mainframe is fully certified with all the new IBM operating systems, including z/OS and z/VM – and also works with existing releases of OS/390, MVS, and VM.

Need Information on FOCUS for Mainframe?

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Productivity Options in FOCUS for Mainframe

FOCUS Fusion adds exceptional performance and powerful analytical support to FOCUS with its multidimensional database technology.

FOCUS Multi-Server Option (MSO) supports large numbers of FOCUS users in a flexible multi-server environment with load-balancing.