Host-Based Reporting

The Corporate Standard for Enterprise Business Information Systems

Over the past 30 years, FOCUS has become the enterprise standard for mission-critical decision support applications at thousands of the world's leading corporations, institutions, and government agencies. Why? Because the combination of power, efficiency, reliability, and portability of FOCUS for custom application development, reporting, and analysis has never been equaled by any other software in any operating environment. FOCUS systems have been mastered by more than a million users working on virtually every computer platform, from mainframe to PC.

Throughout the evolution from host-centric computing to today's web and client/server systems, FOCUS has been continually improved. Many of the original FOCUS applications are still in place and have simply been redeployed on new, more efficient operating platforms or re-engineered to be compatible with the latest GUI front-end tools.

  • FOCUS application development and reporting tools provide maximum functionality for non-technical business managers to business analyst/power users to professional developers
  • FOCUS can create reports from virtually any database, relational, or legacy
  • FOCUS reports and applications are portable and scalable to more than 35 operating systems, including IBM mainframes, HP OpenVMS and NonStop™ systems, IBM i (formerly AS/400), and an array of UNIX and Linux platforms, such as HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and others. So users on multiple computer platforms throughout an enterprise can run the same consistent reports
  • FOCUS users in every major industry are finding it easier than ever to build and maintain custom applications and reports in Windows, Windows NT, even the Internet
  • In the history of the software industry, few products have offered a more open upward-migration path or more remarkable return on investment

For information on leveraging your powerful FOCUS infrastructure for unparalleled reporting capabilities, check out the FOCUS to WebFOCUS solution center.