Enterprise Usage Management

In order to promote widespread adoption of business intelligence (BI) and analytics, and also achieve rapid ROI, you need to ensure optimum performance at all times.

WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Management is a family of technologies that optimizes system performance and ensures rapid, secure, wide-scale distribution of enterprise information. These technologies can work together or separately, providing end-to-end management and administration of environments that support thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of users.

With WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Management, you can:

  • Visualize vital resource management metrics
  • Access detailed data about asset utilization and performance issues
  • Instantly notify stakeholders when metrics exceed thresholds
  • Analyze all aspects of consumption activity and query traffic
  • Proactively prevent users from running inefficient or runaway requests
  • Improve response times by distributing workloads

WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Management consists of:

Enterprise Usage Monitor
Achieve a real-time, 360-degree view of your WebFOCUS deployment and all associated enterprise information assets, including the reporting server, database server, and mid-tier application, as well as your users. Built on top of Resource Analyzer and available as an option, it extends resource tracking and management by allowing you to analyze and visualize vital resource management metrics across multiple WebFOCUS instances.

Resource Analyzer
Capture statistics about data and consumption activity - such as when requests are run, which data sources and columns were accessed, how long the request took, and which resources it consumed - for a single WebFOCUS instance. Users can generate reports, graphs, and analyses to understand all aspects of query traffic, to ensure efficient design and optimum performance. Pre-developed reports to analyze usage, impact, performance, and network activities are also included.

Resource Governor
Preemptive control over vital infrastructure resources, with guidelines for access and consumption, helps to ensure exceptional performance and availability. You can even prevent users from processing inefficient or runaway requests that will monopolize resources by placing limits and/or setting specific criteria on any report, chart, or visualization.

Workload Distribution Facility
This independent server component distributes workloads across multiple local or remote Reporting Servers or images. Clusters of Workload Distribution Facilities can be run simultaneously to enable the highest availability and failover. Features for capacity planning, user volume simulation, and testing are included.

Enterprise Usage Monitor

The Enterprise Usage Monitor can display an array of resource management metrics.