iWay Software's EIM Server

iWay EIM Server Fact Sheet (PDF).
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Managing Information Across the Enterprise

Enterprise information management (EIM) has emerged as a critical and highly effective business strategy, helping companies tap into their wealth of corporate information to achieve a significant competitive edge. With EIM, organizations can improve the way they generate, maintain, and use enterprise data, fully leveraging it to identify and seize opportunities to boost internal efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenues, and optimize customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

The iWay EIM Server is a complete solution that combines several of our powerful, market-leading integration solutions into one comprehensive package, providing companies with everything they need to achieve end-to-end information management across their enterprise. With the iWay EIM suite, businesses can seamlessly integrate and enrich all their data – regardless of its source, location, or format – and allow users to access and manage it effectively.

The EIM Server includes:

iWay Data Quality Center

At the heart of our EIM Server is our unique Data Quality Center (DQC) tool, a state-of-the-art solution designed to optimize the integrity of information as it flows throughout an entire business. With comprehensive, fully customizable business rules and a portfolio of localized dictionaries, DQC empowers companies to do more than just identify and correct bad or corrupted data – they can proactively prevent it from entering their environment in the first place. From information unification and profiling, through validation, cleansing, and enrichment, DQC offers a centralized hub for all data quality management activities, including those that span external systems.

iWay Service Manager

This robust, cutting-edge enterprise service bus (ESB) simplifies and accelerates the creation, composition, and management of web services, or services invoked through other interfaces. It is fully integrated with DQC and lays the foundation for effective, broad-reaching EIM initiatives by:

  • Providing integration and end-to-end management of messages and transactions that generate data
  • Reducing the time, risk, and expense associated with the deployment of EIM environments
  • Eliminating the need to write custom integration code to support EIM efforts
  • Minimizing burden on expensive and scarce IT resources

Log Event Adapter

The iWay Log Event Adapter will dynamically monitor the logs associated with applications and other sources across an enterprise. When an event occurs, such as an update or change to the information contained within a system, the details will be converted into a standardized format, and can then be stored in a centralized repository for future access and review. Or, that information can be transmitted to a business process automation (BPA) server, where it can be used to dynamically trigger subsequent activities and workflows.

SQL High Water Mark Event Adapter

High water marks are automated functions that make it easier to manage very active database tables, such as those that are added to or updated quite frequently. The iWay SQL High Water Mark Event Adapter automatically captures information about high water mark events or related operations that occur in SQL databases, such as row inserts or column deletes, and transforms it into data in a standardized format that can be easily retrieved for future reference.

iWay DataMigrator

iWay DataMigrator offers a full set of automated tools that make the execution of data integration initiatives – including the creation and administration of data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores – faster and easier than ever before, even across heterogeneous data structures and disparate computing platforms. iWay DataMigrator is fully integrated with our DQC solution, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of all information generated and consumed during all extract, transform, and load processes.

Laying a Foundation for True Enterprise-Scale Integration

The iWay EIM Server includes powerful integration tools that will continue to deliver substantial value. Many of these flexible and scalable tools can be easily reused to support other integration goals, including BPA, metadata management, or B2B integration.