Business Analytics From Information Builders

Does your software help you notice game-changing patterns and even predict the future?

Business analytics from Information Builders enable business users to instantly identify the factors that impact their businesses, create more accurate forward-looking strategies, enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With our business analytics solutions, you can uncover and truly understand the patterns and trends in your enterprise data to facilitate faster, smarter planning and decision-making across the entire organization.

Our business analytics suite includes tools such as:

Self-Service Analytics and Data Discovery

WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ is the most powerful tool on the market for business users to author and publish their own analytical content – data discovery, dashboards, complex charts and dashboards, and more – from multiple enterprise sources. Better still, they can publish it in many forms to share their insights with non-technical users, enabling them to get the information they need as InfoApps™, Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF, or in other formats. 

Predictive Analytics

A powerful predictive analytics solution, WebFOCUS RStat is a fraction of the cost of other analytics products on the market. Bridging the gap between backward- and forward-facing views of business operations, WebFOCUS RStat empowers more users – not just a few statisticians – to make decisions based on accurate, validated forecasts of future events or conditions instead of relying on gut instinct alone.

Location Intelligence/GIS

Combining mapping technologies with business intelligence (BI), Information Builders' location Intelligence/GIS tools allow for easy analysis of the similarities and differences between objects in specific geographic locations, and help to uncover spatial relationships between dimensions with similar or outstanding values.

WebFOCUS Magnify

The intuitive and powerful enterprise search capabilities of WebFOCUS Magnify enable companies to improve the accessibility of critical information. Structured or unstructured data can be instantly indexed, located, and retrieved, regardless of its source or location.