iWay Activity Monitor

Integrating BI and Business Activity Monitoring Technology for Real-Time Transaction Solutions

The iWay Activity Monitor Dashboard

iWay Activity Monitor was designed to integrate business activity monitoring (BAM) and business intelligence (BI) technology in a simple yet powerful way by enabling administrators to view, monitor, and report on iWay Software processes. This BI/BAM solution captures end-to-end transaction and workflow data across multiple applications and business units, summarizing and displaying trading partner metrics to help managers make informed decisions.

As IT organizations move steadily towards automated operations and straight-through processing (STP), they need better tools to monitor the flow of information. Online business processes send and receive millions of messages every day via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other methods, and administrators must be able to quickly identify which messages didn't get through or didn't get a response.

Some integration platforms incorporate BAM tools to monitor transaction-processing activity. These tools generally maintain information in textual event logs. Administrators can review these logs to ensure that service levels are being met, and they can generate reports about transaction volume, throughput, and exceptions. But in the age of e-business, textual event logs are no longer sufficient. Organizations are ramping up their online trading activities, and they are demanding analytic reporting capabilities to analyze the huge amount of information that's being exchanged.

Advanced integration platforms include embedded BI capabilities that help administrators quickly troubleshoot problems, detect anomalies, and conduct capacity planning exercises. In addition to auditing trading partner exchanges and sending alerts that trigger process adjustments, these BI solutions can alert individuals to changes and exceptions that may require action, as well as provide aggregated insight for strategic planning.

Integration platforms with embedded BI tools are ideal for presenting and analyzing real-time transaction information. Using BI technology in conjunction with BAM tools can achieve zero information latency and self-correcting processes.

Business Activity Monitoring

BAM provides real-time information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. It applies integration and BI technologies to automated processes to continually refine them based on feedback from operational events.

By proactively identifying problems and sending alerts accompanied by relevant information to appropriate systems or individuals, BAM solutions enable organizations to quickly resolve issues before they become critical – or take advantage of opportunities while they are still hot. For example, an administrator might want to fire off a query to view pending orders or see a list POs that haven't been acknowledged within the last two hours.

iWay Activity Monitor

While most integration vendors have added some type of reporting system to their activity monitors, iWay Software has the luxury of including a complete BI environment through the Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform. The iWay suite's inclusion of WebFOCUS enables users to query, report, analyze, deliver, and display electronic trading data in any way they choose.

Because WebFOCUS is a browser-driven, thin-client BI solution, organizations can extend these powerful administrative capabilities to anyone who needs them, without any additional client software, plug-ins, or report viewers.

The iWay Activity Monitor driver generates performance metrics in real time and publishes these metrics by the second, minute, and hour. Thanks to this built-in publish/subscribe model, clients don't have to poll the server and the server doesn't need to repeatedly query or calculate this information.

iWay Activity Monitoring Dashboard can easily be extended and personalized. System administrators can easily:

  • Create users and roles
  • Define and customize reports and determine when/where to display them
  • Define new dashboards or "workspaces"
  • Define performance metrics that determine what the server should report on and which widgets to display
  • Manage trading partner information

A Complete Integration Platform

Companies and government agencies are approaching the goals of zero information latency and self-correcting processes. As they use automated systems to realize this vision, they depend on BAM solutions to fine-tune the exchange of information, monitoring everything from package deliveries to payments. A complete BAM solution results in more accurate resource allocation and more efficient trading partner relationships.

iWay Software simplifies the setup and maintenance of trading partner relationships and includes adapters to connect many types of information systems. This enables organizations to securely extend trading activities to external partners as well as deep within enterprise information systems.

iWay Software offers a complete integration platform, which means trading partner information can be propagated from any information source – such as real-time ERP transactions, databases, and business-to-business exchanges – and be delivered to line managers, executives, or automated business processes.

As organizations move to lights-out operations and straight-through processing, iWay Software provides sophisticated integration capabilities bolstered by mature tools for business activity monitoring, reporting, and analytics. This comprehensive suite of integration and BI technology is ideal not only for setting up and managing trading partner relationships, but for generating alerts, creating dashboards, and monitoring all aspects of B2B activity.