iWay Software's Intelligent Adapter for Oracle Databases – XML, JDBC, ODBC-Based Enterprise Integration

Accelerating Oracle Integration

iWay Software's intelligent Oracle adapter provides highly efficient access to Oracle data and systems. The adapter is engineered in the same way as other iWay data adapters, so developers may use ANSI-standard SQL statements to access Oracle data from any iWay tool. Third-party products can also access the adapter via iWay connectors, including ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, XML, iWay Business Services (Web services), and others. In addition, data may be integrated with more than 300 other information sources, including other relational and nonrelational databases, transaction systems, custom or packaged applications, message-oriented middleware, XML documents, EDI networks, and more. Requests that specify only Oracle data sources may also be processed using native SQL syntax.

iWay Software's Adapter for Oracle Database allows for integration of oracle data with more than 200 different sources of information in your enterprise

How iWay Intelligent Data Adapters Work Together

Each adapter consists of a communications interface, an SQL translator that manages adapter operations in either SQL or iWay's universal Data Manipulation Language (DML), and a database interface that translates ANSI SQL into native SQL syntax.

Highly Optimized for Oracle

The iWay Intelligent Adapter receives SQL requests and determines the most efficient method for satisfying them. Based upon their content, they are either passed directly to the RDBMS engine or translated to take advantage of iWay features such as ANSI-standard syntax for complex joins and additional security features such as field and field value level restrictions. If required, the adapter will generate the appropriate SQL and DML statements to perform cross-database joins with other data sources.

Special features and settings for iWay's Oracle Adapter include:

  • Read/write capability
  • Automated metadata creation tools to embed transformation logic, views, joins, and virtual columns
  • Query optimization to increase the performance of sorts, aggregation, joins, and selection criteria
  • Dynamic assignment of tablespaces and index spaces
  • Advanced interface tracing, including native SQL generation, optimization information, and return codes
  • Support for array blocking for more efficient I/O while performing SELECT and INSERT statements
  • Support for stored procedures
  • Overriding of default precision and scale
  • Non-blocking query cancellation
  • Direct SQL passthru facility to enable DBMS-specific SQL to be submitted without translation or syntax checking
  • Access to remote subsystems
  • XA protocol support (two-phase commit) via iWay Transaction Coordinator (iTC)
  • Access to multiple servers in one SQL request

Special iWay Performance Features

The iWay Adapter directly provides query control via the READLIMIT and RECORDLIMIT features to reduce communication traffic, CPU usage, and I/O activity. iWay's Resource Analyzer and Resource Governor products may also be used to analyze and control resources on a global basis independently of the adapter being used.