iWay Software's Intelligent Adapter for IMS – SQL, JDBC, ODBC, and XML-Based Enterprise Integration

Accelerating IMS Integration

iWay Software's intelligent IMS adapter provides highly efficient access to IMS data and systems. The adapter is engineered in the same way as other iWay data adapters, so developers may use ANSI-standard SQL statements to access IMS data from any iWay tool. Third-party products can also access the adapter via iWay connectors, including ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, XML, iWay Business Services (Web services), and others. In addition, data may be integrated with more than 300 other information sources, including other relational and nonrelational databases, transaction systems, custom or packaged applications, message-oriented middleware, XML documents, EDI networks, and more.

iWay Software's Adapter for IMS allows for integration of IMS data with over 200 different sources of information in your enterprise

How iWay Intelligent Data Adapters Work Together

All iWay Intelligent Adapters are designed for consistent operation within iWay's robust middleware framework, thereby minimizing the skill sets required to use each database and support new projects. Each adapter consists of a communications interface, an SQL translator that manages adapter operations in either SQL or iWay's universal Data Manipulation Language (DML), and a database interface that translates ANSI SQL into native API calls. Multiple iWay adapters running on the same platform can all share communications and translation components for greater efficiency.

Highly Optimized for IMS

The iWay Intelligent Adapter for IMS receives ANSI-standard SQL requests and translates them into iWay's universal DML. These DML statements are used to access the target database using IMS DL/I calls to retrieve data targeted in the request. If required, the adapter will generate the appropriate iWay SQL and DML statements to perform cross-database joins with other data sources.

Special features and settings for iWay's IMS Adapter include:

  • Read/write capability
  • Metadata creation tools to describe databases utilizing existing PSBs, DBDs, and COBOL FDs
  • Access to all database types including HDAM, HIDAM, SHIDAM, SHISAM, DEDB, etc.
  • Implementation of embedded joins
  • Simple representation of hierarchical data structures, repeating groups of data within other repeating groups, and records whose layout depends on record-type identifiers
  • Multi-user update access supported with record locking strategies
  • Keyed data-access support using primary keys and alternate indices
  • Support for most commonly used data types including character and packed data
  • Creation of SSAs (Segment Search Arguments) to optimize retrieval calls
  • Optimized retrieval strategies to retrieve only records corresponding to the fields specified in the SQL request
  • Advanced interface tracing including error messages, return codes, and generated DL/I calls
  • Interface implementation of IBM's DBCTL for dynamic interaction

Special iWay Performance Features

The iWay Adapter directly provides query control via the RECORDLIMIT feature to reduce communication traffic, CPU usage, and I/O activity. iWay's Resource Analyzer and Resource Governor products may also be used to analyze and control resources on a global basis independently of the adapter being used.