Performance Management Software

This dashboard, built with WebFOCUS Performance Management Software, allows company executives to track a company's global performance.

Performance management software helps organizations of all sizes, across all industries, to substantially improve the way their run their business. What makes performance management software so effective is its ability to promote transparency and accountability. Transparency is achieved by allowing all stakeholders at all levels to gain complete visibility into the state of the business, and the processes that drive growth and profitability. Performance management software fosters accountability because it gives everyone a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities are, and allows them to measure their individual and collective contributions to the attainment of strategic goals and objectives.

With performance management software in place, companies can do more than just increase efficiency and promote cost containment. They can respond more rapidly to changing market conditions or evolving customer demands. They can quickly uncover opportunities and risks, and react accordingly. They can determine what's working and what's not, and adjust procedures, policies, and workflows on-the-fly to ensure optimization. But, most importantly, by allowing everyone to play an active role in the performance enhancement process, performance management software can help build a workforce that is more motivated, more productive, and more loyal.

Performance Management in 2 MinutesIn order for a performance management software application to successfully support related strategies, it must enable:

  • Communication. To ensure alignment organization-wide, everyone must have insight into what the goals are, and what role they are expected to play in reaching them
  • Measurement. Goals must be tied directly to specific tasks and activities, complete with metrics and key performance indicators that are measured on an ongoing basis to determine how well those tasks are being carried out
  • Feedback. Through open feedback loops and discussion groups, stakeholders can better understand the status of a KPI and the steps that are being taken to ensure a goal is reached

Information Builders WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF) is a next-generation platform that enables holistic and pervasive enterprise performance management.

PMF provides a comprehensive environment for creating and managing an organization’s performance and accountability objectives. More than any other solution, PMF combines capabilities such as metric blogging, print-quality publishing, mobile alerts, deep analytics, strategy authoring, easy-to-use setup wizards, customizable end-user dashboards, and more – right out of the box. Tasks such as managing and communicating strategies to employees or partners, monitoring and measuring goal attainment for incentive purposes, or presenting to the executive board can all be handled from a Web browser.

PMF is built on the solid foundation of Information Builders' intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions. These world-class solutions enable PMF to be easily adapted and enhanced, and directly integrated with other operational systems to fit changing business needs.