Performance Management

Track corporate performance via dashboards and scorecards using Performance Management software.

Performance management is a category of technology solutions designed to help organizations more successfully set and attain strategic goals and objectives. By combining advanced tools such as business intelligence and analytics, dashboards, and alerts, performance management gives companies unhindered insight into enterprise performance. They'll have a more efficient and effective way to define and communicate goals, link those goals directly to specific operational tasks and activities, closely monitor and measure progress through metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide feedback to stakeholders to drive higher levels of performance.

Comprehensive performance management solutions promote a culture of motivation and accountability across an entire organization, no matter how large or small. Everyone, regardless of their level or position, can actively participate in the performance management process.  They'll gain insight into what the most important objectives are, fully understand what role they play and what their related responsibilities are, and track how they're doing along the way.

Performance Management in 2 MinutesCompanies that have implemented successful performance management programs and supporting solutions have realized such substantial benefits as increased operational efficiency, higher levels of employee morale and retention, improved profitability, and greater competitive advantage.The WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF) is a flexible, comprehensive, fully integrated platform. It offers infinitely personalized end user dashboards, scorecards, metric blogging, print-quality publishing, mobile alerts, deep analytics, strategy authoring, and easy-to-use set-up wizards. This out-of-the-box performance management functionality, combined with unparalleled data access capabilities and powerful security features, helps organizations to communicate strategies to all employees and business partners, and manage their outcomes, without ever leaving their browser.

PMF ensures that everyone is tightly aligned in support of corporate strategy by delivering:

  • The industry's greatest scalability, ease of use, and data access – and its lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • A common user experience against consistent, complete, and accurate data with a single, organically developed solution – not a bunch of products patched together or added via acquisition
  • Unhindered insight into enterprise performance with comprehensive access to any data in any source or location
  • Support for multiple techniques with BSC-certified scorecard technology and open, flexible functionality that supports Six Sigma and other popular methodologies
  • Role-based levels of data access and security, to keep confidential or sensitive information protected at all times, and ensure that problems are resolved by the right people
  • A flexible data integration architecture, with the ability to leverage real-time information to address issues that can't wait, or retrieve staged data when needed
  • Full accountability with built-in audit trails