Partner Success Gallery

Information Builders Software + Partner Expertise = Applications That Succeed

Information Builders works with our partners to help transform data into actionable information that improves customer processes and drives revenue, from data and application integration of key assets to enabling intelligence and analysis for all users however and whenever they need. Information Builders' unparalleled software suite ensures your customers will turn to you for solutions and applications that will grow business, reduce costs, and meet strategic goals. 

Our partner successes include:


BI-PM provides Information Builders WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and Performance Management Framework (PMF) solutions to businesses of all sizes. With comprehensive graphic views of how your business is doing at a moment’s notice, the right information is available when needed to make insightful decisions quickly and easily.

Chrome River

The Chrome River online expense reporting and invoice management service provides complete process automation and cost controls around an organization's accounts payable operations. It has combined the latest Internet technologies and financial systems experience to deliver a service that offers unprecedented ease-of-use, tremendous configurability, and powerful reporting. Powered by WebFOCUS, Chrome River ANALYTICS transforms expense-spend data into compelling and actionable reports – without the need for intervention from technical staff. Users can generate even the most intricate reports and analyses on their own, enabling effective decision-making and smooth execution of day-to-day operations.

nVision Global

nVision Global is a leading services provider for freight bill auditing and payment, invoice auditing, and logistics management. Until recently, while nVision customers could conduct detailed analyses of data generated during an average 1M+ transactions, reporting was limited, requiring extensive staff support. Now, with Information Builders’ WebFOCUS analytics and partner ESRI’s GIS location analytics and mapping capabilities, nVision has one cohesive self-service analytics portal. Customers easily monitor their shipment activity across all domestic and international locations and create maps based on any criteria they need.


Plex Systems

Plex Systems offers a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for the manufacturing enterprise. It focuses on three primary industries: Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, and Aerospace and Defense. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables manufacturers to increase throughput, assess risk exposure, meet customer demands, and contend with the crushing volume of data emerging from today’s plant floors. WebFOCUS exposes a set of web-based design tools that let people drag and drop data elements into custom reports and dashboards – without assistance from the IT department.

Unisys Air Cargo

Unisys’ web-based Logistics Management System helps leading airlines manage their cargo business via a shared software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering and within a community framework to keep it ahead of regulatory and industry developments. The rich data captured by the Unisys system can be accessed anywhere and from any internet-connected device by WebFOCUS. The company reached a recent milestone on one of its cloud servers that has run nonstop for more than 1,500 days and executed more than 3 billion transactions in that time. Contact Unisys for more information.
WebFOCUS ensures BI-PM customers get the right information when needed to make insightful decisions quickly and easily.