Support World Cup 2006 - "On The Ball" Statistics*

A New Way of looking at World Cup Soccer!

When discussing the World Cup with friends, you rarely talk about the number of fouls or goals. You're more likely to say:

  • "Did you see that dive?"
  • "Only three of them knew their national anthem!"
  • "That guy is always faking injuries!"

To this end, our U.K. office has begun tracking the statistics that really matter, including dives, feigned injuries, tantrums thrown, wrong off-side decisions, complete miss-kicks (air balls), players not knowing their national anthem, and more of the compelling trivia that makes World Cup soccer a world-wide phenomenon.

The reports are built using Information Builders' WebFOCUS Active Reports technology that allow you to dynamically re-sort data, turn it into charts, apply filters and more. Data is updated weekly and will be available for the duration of the 2006 World Cup.

Open our OnTheBall Active Report to analyze the results yourself and gain real insight into the World Cup!

This week's report: Click on the image to download

This Week's report.

    Archive report: Click on the image to download

Archive report (historical data since 1930).

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