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Information Builders Magazine is a glossy, quarterly publication read by tens of thousands of executives and IT professionals worldwide. Through thought-provoking features, interviews with industry experts on emerging trends, and a select group of case studies, the magazine offers a unique perspective on the information challenges facing today's enterprise – and an in-depth look at how Information Builders' proven technology solutions help businesses gain a competitive edge.

From Our Current Issue

Information Builders Magazine: Summit 2016 Edition
Volume 25 No. 1


  • The Evolution of BI With Gerald Cohen
    Industry thought leader Wayne Eckerson, founder and principle consultant, Eckerson Group talks with Information Builders' founder and CEO Gerald Cohen on the evolution of BI over the decades.
  • Better Data. Better Analytics
    Information Builders' Michael Corcoran details the process of turning raw data into valuable, trusted information in four essential steps.