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"Visualization – Unlocking the Power of Analytics "
Insight as a service, March 25, 2014
"Data Visualization: 20/20 Insight For CMOs", March 20, 2014
"The Gladness and Sadness of March Madness"
SmartData Collective, March 20, 2014
"Information Builders, IPSA Intl Form Financial Crime Risk Mgmt Alliance; Dan Wachtler Comments"
Executive Biz, March 17, 2014
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DataInformed, March 12, 2014
"Big Data: What's In It For The Customer?"
Wall Street & Technology, March 12, 2014
"Why your business needs a chief data officer"
Computer Business Review, February 28, 2014
"Analytics And Interactive Statements Enhances The Consumer Experience"
Wall Street & Technology, February 25, 2014
"Bridging the gap on business intelligence consumption"
ZDNet, February 25, 2014
"HIMSS Asks: What is the Value of Health IT?"
Electronic Health Reporter, February 17, 2014
"BI Projects Use Skybox to Eliminate Additional App Tests "
Computer Business Review, January 29, 2014
"Information Builders Launches Skybox Cloud Service"
BusinessCloud9, January 29, 2014
"The role of analytics in the evolving healthcare market "
KM World, December 31, 2013
"A New Era of Analytics in Retail Banking"
Wall Street Technology Association, December 24, 2013
"Interview with Dr. Rado Kotorov, Vice President of Product Marketing at Information Builders"
Dashboard, December 03, 2013
"'Punch bag' RBS fights back with proactive approach to social media "
Finextra, November 26, 2013
"Predictive policing gets personal"
Computerworld, October 25, 2013
"Creating More Intelligent Supply Chains with BI Technology"
Inbound Logistics, October 25, 2013
"Convergence of Machine Learning, Data Discovery Makes for Fact-Based Decisions"
WIRED, October 08, 2013
"Bulova Taps WebFOCUS for BI"
IT Jungle, October 08, 2013
"The Convergence of BI, Big Data, Analytics and Mobile Technologies: A Spotlight Q&A with Michael Corcoran and Jake Freivald of Information Builders"
Beye Network, September 20, 2013
"Data as a Differentiator: Act Faster on Opportunities, Threats"
WIRED, September 19, 2013
"As Analytic Search Heats Up, Information Builders Touts WebFOCUS Magnify"
TDWI, September 18, 2013
"Our So-Called Data-Driven Life"
Big Data Republic, September 17, 2013
"Q&A: Thinking of Data as Information Capital"
TDWI, September 04, 2013
"IT Needs to Share Data With Customers and Partners"
Baseline-Nucleus Research, August 21, 2013
"Business Intelligence in the Transportation Industry: A Spotlight Q&A with Kevin Webster of Protrans"
Beye Network, August 12, 2013
"People and Technology Give NextGear Capital a Competitive Edge: A Spotlight Q&A with Chris Brady of NextGear Capital "
Beye Network, July 29, 2013
"Local government IT solutions: Proven ROI, consolidation projects win"
TechTarget, July 26, 2013
"What's New with 5 Big BI Vendors"
Enterprise Apps Today, July 24, 2013
"The New Horizon for BI and Analytics"
WIRED, July 18, 2013
"Managing the Business with BI: A Spotlight Q&A with Michael Hegarty and Joe Beydoun of Lipari Foods "
Beye Network, July 17, 2013
"Teams look to HTML5 for mobile BI development on varied devices", June 27, 2013
"8 Ways Business Intelligence Software Improves the Bottom Line"
CIO Magazine, June 26, 2013
"BGL insurance firm uses WebFocus to enhance customer relationships", June 24, 2013
"Events report: Information Builders Summit 2013, graph databases and more", June 20, 2013
"Information Builders’ BI is Customer-Driven"
Information Management, June 20, 2013
"Information Builders Bolsters Data Asset Management Strategy"
IT Jungle, June 18, 2013
"From 4GLs to HTML5 desktop apps: Bringing data to the masses", June 14, 2013
"Information Builders Advances Integration and Analytics for Business Intelligence"
Ventana Research, June 14, 2013
"Takeaways from Information Builders Summit – looking at value add vs. product capabilities"
WiseAnalytics, June 12, 2013
"Information Builders Users Share BI Dashboard, Project Management Tips "
DataInformed, June 10, 2013
"Platform gives agencies timely access to unified data"
Government Computer News, June 05, 2013
"INTERVIEW: Information Builders' Michael Corcoran "
IT World Canada, May 13, 2013