Mobile BI

Properly designed mobile BI apps can be accessed from virtually any mobile device, independent of platform. Pictured here is a BI Dashboard running on an iPad. 

Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) extends traditional desktop business intelligence, making it readily available to users of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. At the heart of mobile BI is the ability for business professionals to access and interact with business data by generating reports and performing analyses through the devices they are most comfortable using. Companies who implement mobile BI strategies have noted increased employee productivity, improved agility and responsiveness to problems and opportunities, and enhanced communication and collaboration.

Mobile BI is nothing new. Over the last several years, mobile BI capabilities have been constantly evolving to overcome the challenges of presenting and interacting with large volumes of information on small screen sizes. First came the ability to access web-based reporting and analysis applications via mobile browsers, which soon gave way to the ability to "push" corporate data to mobile devices, primarily in the form of text messages. Next came the ability to leverage smartphones to read small tables of data, followed by the creation of mobile client applications for reporting and analysis.

Today, the advent of the Apple iPhone and iPad, and the proliferation of Android phones and tablets, have transformed the way people consume data on their mobile devices, prompting the emergence of purpose-built mobile BI applications. These new smart devices have introduced special abilities like location services, a camera, bar code readers, access to contact lists, and more. Portable dashboards and analytics, and other forms of mobile BI, now provide users with the same type of interactive, actionable information from their handheld appliances, leveraging these advanced device functions in exciting new ways. As a result, anyone can instantly make timely, informed business decisions, no matter where they are.

WebFOCUS Mobile from Information Builders is a comprehensive platform that makes advanced, highly interactive reporting and analytics readily accessible to the mobile workforce. As a hybrid solution, WebFOCUS Mobile eliminates the need to create and administer native applications or multiple versions of BI assets for the various devices in use. It leverages the power and speed of web development and deployment, combined with the enhanced experience of native device navigation and access to native device functions.

Our suite of powerful and extensible mobile business intelligence solutions includes:

  • WebFOCUS Active Technologies - a portable analytics solution that combines data and interactive capabilities into a single document that can be delivered to any type of mobile device
  • WebFOCUS Mobile Faves - a solution that enables the intuitive management of BI content for iPhones and iPads by efficiently capturing, managing, and organizing reports, dashboards, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more
  • WebFOCUS Maintain  - a powerful mobile data collection and transaction processing tool that allows users to modify or update data from their mobile devices to reflect new activities or changing business conditions