Messaging Integration

Connect Message Queue solutions like IBM's WebSphere MQ™, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)™, and Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ)™ to enterprise applications

In the context of an enterprise integration environment, "messaging" represents a communications system whereby important packets of information or "messages" are sent to and from queues by a software-based system known as a messaging server. The messaging server itself is a sort of traffic cop that exchanges important information between different applications so that the applications can interact in a meaningful way. A messaging environment is typically used for critical information systems, as it usually comprises some sort of guaranteed delivery system.  Messaging integration allows these message-based servers to interact with and provide data for other disparate systems within the organization. 

In a typical non-messaging-based sequential programming environment, one error message caused by a time-out or a temporary system outage can cause an entire job to fail. In a messaging system, however, the communication protocols and error handling allow for different components to be more independent and more fault-tolerant. If a particular step in a multi-system message-oriented job fails, the awaiting application will remain in a queue until the prior step succeeds. A successful return code and packet is then sent allowing the awaiting application to begin its part of the process.

Messaging servers also allow dissimilar programs to communicate effectively across different environments (like different operating systems and different languages) – the only element that each program needs to understand is the particular message format and protocol of the messaging server.

One example of a messaging-complementary product from iWay Software is the iWay SWIFT Adapter. This adapter integrates SWIFT messages with iWay Service Manager to integrate internal trading and settlement systems with external counterparts. The SWIFT adapter extends Java JMS™, IBM's WebSphere MQ™, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)™, and Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ)™ reliable high-performance messaging to applications within the enterprise.