Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI Dashboards, such as this Sales KPI app from IFDS, allow business executives to see the health of their company at a single glance.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are high-level snapshots of a business or organization based on specific predefined measures. KPIs typically consist of any combination of reports, spreadsheets, or charts. They may include global or regional sales figures and trends over time, personnel stats and trends, real-time supply-chain information, or anything else that is deemed critical to a corporation's success. A KPI application, such as an executive portal, can give a business executive a high-level, real-time view of the health of a company by visually displaying vital statistical information about that company.

In developing KPIs, a user or developer defines target performance levels and then decides the best way to represent variance from that target. For example, a bar chart for sales KPIs may flag regions that are under quota in red while those that are at or over quota are green. This allows the end user to see a company's strengths and possible areas for improvement at a glance.

WebFOCUS Analytic Templates include reporting foundations that allow developers and power users to build full KPI systems and complete business intelligence (BI) applications customized to the unique needs of your business without having to start from scratch.

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