Information Delivery

With real-time Information Delivery software, reports and charts can be pushed to virtually any device

Real-time information delivery solutions share more information with more people, boosting employee productivity and enhancing a company's ability to be proactive, instead of reactive to any opportunity. A component of an overall BI (business intelligence) or Business Analytics strategy, information delivery solutions specialize in delivering the right information to users in real-time or near real-time on their chosen device, be that a desktop PC, printer or mobile device.

Organizations face intense pressure to bring information to users – in a cost-effective way so they can make critical decisions all day, every day. To meet this challenge, you must be able to deploy information delivery systems to very large numbers of people across the enterprise – rapidly and at a low cost of ownership. How do you do this?

  • Provide information in real time to everyone who impacts key business processes – employees, managers, suppliers, partners, customers, and citizens
  • Deliver information to people the way they want it - in the most commonly used formats, e-mail, Web pages, MS-Excel, Adobe PDF, and word-processing documents
  • Implement a personalized, secure, organized approach to business intelligence (BI) that delivers information broadly throughout the enterprise
  • Increase user ability to interact with information, even from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets
  • Enable faster development and deployment of BI applications
  • Use standard Web-based technologies to meet growing demands for information

WebFOCUS, our comprehensive suite of business intelligence software, is the only true real-time information delivery solution. It can access information from any enterprise source – live or staged – and deliver it in any format via e-mail, the Web, or to mobile devices. WebFOCUS provides rapid, GUI-based application development. Its true thin-client environment scales to meet widespread demand. It is the only solution that enables every process involved in creating and delivering interactive, actionable content to the extended enterprise.  

For more information on the current trends affecting a mobile BI and information delivery strategy, check out our free white paper: