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Our users have the freedom to analyze any metric on their own.

Bernard Hakir
Business Intelligence Analyst

Worldline's Merchant-Facing, Self-Service Analytics Environment Handles Millions of Daily Transactions

The Challenge

Can a merchant-facing, self-service environment handle millions of daily transactions for hundreds of banks and thousands of merchants?

The Solution

Yes, if you empower the organization’s community to create statistics, summarize transactions, and analyze business activity via self-service dashboards and InfoApps™.

The Success

Now, salespeople can configure custom payments, the manufacturing department can monitor the production of PoS terminals, support personnel can track orders and assess service levels, and the fraud department can identify suspicious transactions.

The Story
Looking for ways to get more analytics to more people?

Worldline's merchant-facing, self-service environment handles millions of daily transactions for hundreds of banks and thousands of merchants, who are now able to create statistics, summarize transactions, analyze merchant activity, and more.

That's one example of the power of self-service business intelligence and analytics. What can it do for you organization? Find out in this white paper.

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