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Our partners have full visibility into what their employees spend on travel.

Brian Beard
General Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport Manages and Predicts Expense Data With a SaaS-Based Solution

The Challenge

How can corporate travel departments gain accurate visibility into what employees spend on travel, without a single source of tracking for major purchases and incidental expenses?

The Solution

Create a big data solution that combines travel management information, credit card and expense data, and travel budget into a trackable, predictive, SaaS-based solution.

The Success

Travel and Transport's new system enables more complete and timely travel spending oversight, more efficient purchasing contracts, and greater compliance with corporate travel policies.

The Story
Looking for ways to get more analytics to more people?

Travel and Transport was tracking large volumes of data without a single source or view, creating a transparency problem. By implementing a big data solution that combines scattered spending information into one data repository for the whole company, Travel and Transport has radically improved their ability to analyze travel programs. 

Find out how you can fill in the information gaps and enhance data quality for your own team in this white paper. 

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