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Eran Gutman
Chief Information Officer
Shikun & Binui

Customizable dashboards and InfoApps enforce data consistency among business entities.

The Challenge

How do you consolidate information from multiple companies to give business leaders control over operational and financial data?

The Solution

Deploy self-service portals, dashboards, and InfoApps to empower workers at all levels of the organization.

The Success

Now, business users can help themselves to the information they need, saving time for the IT department.

The Story
Looking for ways to improve the way you interact with financial data?

With WebFOCUS, business users and IT staff at Shikun & Binui have instant access to the information they need, while analysts can leverage efficient design capabilities that simplify the creation and maintenance of portal pages. Business thrives when everyone is doing the job they were hired to do.

That’s a big part of what self-service analytics is all about. You can learn more in this white paper, where you'll find out how your self-service analytics initiatives can succeed.

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