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René Stolp
Manager, Product Development
RDC inMotiv

RDC inMotiv deploys analytics platform to help auto dealers make better decisions

The Challenge

How can you mine terabytes of data to enable car dealerships, garages, importers, and other organizations to work smarter and more efficiently?

The Solution

Use business intelligence (BI) and integration technologies to analyze hundreds of brands, thousands of zip codes, and millions of autos to yield timely market intelligence.

The Success

AutoConnect, a BI and analytics platform, gives customers real-time insight to cut costs, reduce risks, and improve business performance.

The Story
Looking to cut costs and improve performance with data and analytics?

When you can transform data into relevant, timely, usable insight, everyone wins. With BI and analytics, RDC was able to cut costs and reduce risk, while helping its customers make better business decisions.

That’s how you monetize data in the new analytical era. Read this white paper to learn the strategies that can transform your organization.

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