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Laure Pitfield, Ph.D
Project Manager – BI, Decision Support
Queensway Carleton Hospital

Queensway Carleton Hospital Meets Performance-Based Funding Objectives

The Challenge

How does a Canadian hospital reduce manual data formatting and inputting efforts, and also ensure compliance with the country's performance-based funding model?

The Solution

Deploy self-service analytics dashboards that correlate information from diverse sources, and provide access to the data via a user-friendly portal.

The Success

Queensway Carleton's new analytics environment has dramatically cut the time it takes to create timely, accurate information, and has streamlined the process of complying with government funding initiatives.

The Story
Looking to simplify your analytics approach?

Obviously, timely and accurate information is imperative for a hospital like Queensway Carleton. But that doesn't mean your organization is less needful of the same qualities in its data.

With self-service analytics, you can dramatically slash the time it takes to go from data to insight to decisions. That's important for any organization in any industry. Find out more in this white paper by industry expert Rick F. van der Lans.

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