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We have created an all-inclusive analytical culture that empowers the whole organization.

Scott Franzel
Senior Vice President of Information Technologies
OFS Brands

OFS Brands Equips Mobile Users With Analytic Dashboards on Any Device

The Challenge

How do you get information into the hands of the sales team, so they can ask questions and explore new areas of inquiry on their own, without IT?

The Solution

Empower them with interactive reports and dashboards that help the mobile sales force and analysts in various departments to easily monitor company activities.

The Success

With WebFOCUS, users across the enterprise can generate detailed reports that improve customer service, boost product quality, and free up IT to focus on strategic initiatives.

The Story
Looking for ways to get more analytics to more people?

Giving a mobile sales force access to reports and dashboards simplifies the analytical lives of many people, improves the culture of analytics. This has direct positive impact on customer service, product quality, and more.

That's what the new generation of self-service business intelligence and analytics is all about - empowering everyone with the insight they need to make great decisions. Find out how in this white paper by industry expert Rick F. van der Lans.

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